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Some notes to how it works

You swipe a Money Button under product of your choice and fill in contact form so we know, where to ship it.

If you buy T-shirt, let us know what size, there is a field in the form. Money Button user ID serve as indicator that is you who bought it.

Becasue Money Button allows for sharing, there is several addresses (people) who get micro-payments revenue.

Those are people I respect and want to give back. Among them my two girls, Anika & Paola, who are awesome little beings, creative, helpful and still patiently waiting, that mama will “make it” and spoil them not only with love.





Thank you for shopping with us!

We will do our best to continue improve and develop this little shop. There is much to learn and implement. Many ideas in our heads. But it is ready enough now, for those who want to exchange some Bitcoin for original goods.

Better done then perfect



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